how to draw a cabbage rose

How to Draw a Cabbage Rose?

How to Draw a Cabbage Rose?

Botanical illustrations and chintz fabrics of cabbage roses are always enchanting to look at but drawing flowers may prove to be a challenge for most. In this article, we have highlighted the cabbage rose. We will be giving you a step by step tutorial that makes drawing this majestic flower easy that beginners and experts can dabble on, answering your question of how to draw a cabbage rose with ease.

how to draw a cabbage rose (infographic)

What is a Cabbage Rose?

Also known as “Rosa centifolia” (a hundred petals rose). These round and shrubby roses are often found in shades of pink.

how to draw a rose


Understanding the Structure of How to Draw a Cabbage Rose

Before you being to draw, you should understand and familiarize yourself with the structure and botany of this beloved plant.

  • Distinct features – keep in mind that this particular rose has a lot of petals compared to its counterparts which only have five, with this in mind, highlight the features of the flower in your drawing by showing the many stamens inside a rose.

  • Understand the rose’s structure – this will help make your drawing more descriptive and look realistic.

  • The overall form of the flower – picture in your mind the form of the rose and how its petals hug its form and how they peel away, drawing cabbage roses can be a challenge since they have so many petals. Try to focus on and envision the shape of the whole flower.

cabbage rose painting


What Materials Do You Need?

  • Coupon bonds or any type of paper, as long as it is sturdy and clean.

  • An eraser.

  • Pencils.

  • Markers.

  • Any coloring materials of your choice.

one stroke rose painting for beginners


Step by Step Guide on Drawing a Cabbage Rose

In this guide, we are going to draw two cabbage roses from different perspectives, front view, and side view.

how to draw a rose step by step for beginners easy


Front view cabbage rose:

  1. Draw a small oval, this serves as the center of the rose. Feel free to add more lines on the side of the center and outside of the center.

  2. Begin to draw and add in the petals from the center.

  3. Continue to add rose petals radiating from the center of the drawing, remember that these petals are just slightly curved lines going around the center of the rose, to easily picture it in your mind and flawlessly draw it.

  4. Keep adding more petals as you progress in the drawing, remember that cabbage roses have more than a hundred individual petals! Feel free to make some of the additional petals pointy towards the center.

  5. Just keep working in a circular motion, adding three to five petals for each layer of the rose.

  6. Finish the first rose drawing by adding a stem and a few leaves to it.

  7. Feel free to add in color to the drawing, coloring pencils are the best choice.

how to draw a bunch of roses


Side view cabbage rose:

  1. Start the drawing with a tube that has a slight opening on the end, change the small opening by adding curved lines to give you indicate your outline for your petals.

  2. Next, to draw the petal that looks like it is wrapped around the center of the rose begins at the outline of the center, and bring the line around the front.

  3. Add two lines extending from each end of the formed petal and emphasize the petal by adding a curved line to indicate the petal is bent at the edge.

  4. To make an opening, draw two curved lines from the back of the rose and it should resemble a heart shape in front of the rose.

  5. Every time you draw a petal, feel free to add lines extending from the edge to the base of the rose.

  6. Add one more petal that is facing out more to show the viewer the curved part.

  7. Continuously to add petals that are expanding outwards to make the cabbage rose to look like it is open.

  8. Include the last petals around the rose that are bending outward.

  9. Lastly, add a stem and a few leaves.

  10. You may add color to the drawing according to your preferences.

how to draw a rose flower


Here is another process of how to draw a cabbage rose without the leaves and stems:

  1. Envision a heart-shaped petal and draw its outline and use that as the base of the rose.

  2. Draw the first petal wrapped in a tube.

  3. Draw the second petal wrapped around the first one.

  4. Draw a third petal wrapped around the second one.

  5. Outline a heart shape around the whole flower.

  6. Draw petal edges on each side of the heart outline, using it as the base, and make the petals look like they are bent there.

  7. Draw a petal facing outwards, emphasize this so it will stick out and all you will see it the front-facing the edge, making your drawing realistic.

  8. Add a petal on each side of the fully formed rose to add more volume to the drawing.

  9. Repeat step 7 and draw another petal facing outwards on the edge of the formed flower.

  10. Draw additional flowers surrounding the cabbage rose to truly capture its essence and beauty.

  11. Make your drawing pop out more by adding colors to your liking.

painting flowers


The Different Perspectives of Cabbage Roses

And that is three ways you can draw a cabbage rose, from two different perspectives (front view and side view) and one with the rosebud itself. We would love to see and read your opinions about the article; did you learn on what a cabbage rose is? Do you understand the importance of understanding the structures and forms of the rose? We hope you enjoyed this guide and truly helped you with how to draw a cabbage rose. Happy drawing!


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