What Are Easy Things to Draw When Your Bored for Beginners and Experts That Are Fun?

Now that we have a lot of time in our hands we can do almost anything. From gardening, exercising, to concocting different meals. But what if you have done these pastime activities? What else can you do? You might learn to draw. If you have tried doodling or drawing figures during your childhood, this should not be tricky for you. Below is a list of easy things to draw when your bored for beginners and experts, so that everyone can have fun drawing.

What Are Easy Things to Draw When Your Bored for Beginners to Learn v2

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Draw Some Doodles

Didn’t you used to draw fish, clouds, animals, and such when you were just a child? This should be the right time to get doodling again! With your imagination at work, you can doodle whatever you like and as much as you like, check out different styles here.

easy things to draw for beginners


Draw Flowers

There are different flowers to choose from. You can even draw roses by just drawing a circle that will be the center of the rose, add in a few lines on the sides to make it look like overlapping petals.

things to draw easy


Draw Anime Eyes

Anime eyes are cute because they are so expressive, and they show different emotions. Start by drawing the lash lines, iris, and the pupil. You can choose if you also would like an open eye or a closed one. You can add some shading to make it pop.

easy things to draw step by step


Draw a Car

If you have a car you are eyeing on ever since you learn how to drive, maybe this is the best time for you to try drawing it – you can pin it on your wall for inspiration after.

ideas of things to draw


Draw a Robot

This should be an easy one. Just by using different shapes, you can have an easy robot drawing. You can also use the different coloring materials you may have kept on your drawers to make your robot realistic.

creative drawing ideas for beginners



Draw Butterflies

Another project you can color any way you like.

drawing ideas list


Draw Abstract Shapes

You may choose to just scribble any shape you like and make it come to life. Add a face, add an expression, then it’s good to go. Add some color if you wish.

cool drawing ideas


Draw Apples, Oranges, Grapes

This is like 2nd-grade art. It is easy to do for a beginner. If you have colors available, you need to add colors to distinguish the different fruits.

easy pencil drawings for beginners


Draw Dragons

With the recently concluded TV series, Game of Thrones where the story centers on dragons, why not try your talent in drawing and have a few tries here and there? Just don’t forget to put the breathing fire effect after so it will not be mistaken for an armadillo lizard. Just my advice.

easy things to draw that look hard


Draw Plants

One of the easiest to draw is plants because there are a variety of plants to choose from with different shapes and sizes. You may opt in to use the green color for effects. While brown color is best used for the branches and the trunk.

how to draw


Draw a Cow

Cows are one of the easiest animals to draw. You can just start by drawing a rectangle or an oval shape making sure that it has rounded corners. Then the head should be next and the eyes, nostrils, horns, and ears. Just don’t forget the spots to show that what you draw was a cow.

how to draw for beginners


Draw a Penguin Cartoon

It is easy to draw a penguin as well because they have a simple body shape. You can first draw a circle that will act as the head of the penguin, then add a noodle for the body. Try to join the two shapes by using a curved line. Add back and tail feathers, you may now include the penguin’s wing and feet. Then the finishing touches, and the eye, can come in last.

how to draw step by step


Draw a Stickman

This should be easy and would remind you of younger years. You may do an action stickman where the stickman may run, a sleeping stickman, etc.

how to draw step by step for beginners


Draw Sunny Sunflowers

Another easy drawing here. You may just start with a circle as the base of the flower, then add in leaves one by one to surround the circle. Add in a color yellow to the leaves and choose a brown color for the circle. Draw the stem and the leaves last. Adding the right color will show what flower you are drawing.

easy drawing tutorials for beginners


Draw a Smiley or Emojis

This is an easy art. You just have to be familiar with the different emotions such as anger, happiness, or sadness.

beginner drawing ideas


Draw a House

You may start by drawing squares of different sizes, add in a rectangular shape in between, add in small squares to show windows, and voila!

learn to draw faces


Draw a Panda

Pandas are cute and easy to draw. Just don’t forget the black and white color of pandas as that’s their distinctive characteristic.

step by step drawing cartoons


Draw a Fish

You can draw a school of fish adding in color to make it lively.

step by step drawing animals


Draw a Boat

You need to draw a wavy line after to show that what you have drawn is a boat.

cool things to draw step by step


Draw a Leaf

I know this can daunting at first, but hey, leaves are very versatile and you can draw them in different shapes too.

drawing tutorials 101


Draw a Cartoon Kitty

We have drawn animals from first grade. One that we often draw is cats. Just make it like a cartoon character with wide eyes and that should do.


how to draw good anime v2


Draw Snails

It is one of the easiest to draw. Just put on a smile on that snail after. Here is a place where you can learn to draw snails.

easy things to draw wikihow


Draw a Mandala

Using this idea to draw when you are bored is very relaxing. Although, you may have to choose different colors to have its best effect.

how to draw better


Draw Patterns

You can start with simple patterns and then advance to the difficult pattern if you prefer.

how to draw well


Draw a Character From Pokemon

If you love these characters, you can easily start drawing them as there are many pokemon step-by-step tutorials out there.

how to draw a cartoon face


Do You Like Drawing or Are You New?

It should be easy to draw the above samples, most especially now that there are step-by-step tutorials on how to draw available to watch on youtube. Not only that, this is just something you want to pass your time with but maybe you can also find a hidden talent somewhere. What do you think about this article? Does this article give you an idea somehow? Will you be starting to give drawing a go soon? Have fun and happy drawing!

how learn how to draw


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