How Much Do Drawing Artists Make?

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Today, we aim to answer the question of how much do drawing artists make and general artists as well. When considering choosing a profession, it is just natural to worry about the potential salary we are going to get. It is, perhaps, one of the most crucial parts of our job as the salary we get will make up the amount of money we can live on. So, for people that want to become an artist (usually stereotyped as a profession that will leave you starving) the salary discussion is a touchy subject.


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In 2017 most artists that were categorized by the bureau of labor statistics were reported to make somewhere around $49,160 in salary. Of course, even when it comes to artists, there are plenty of different types: sketch artists, visual artists, graphic design, illustrators… Most of these jobs usually offer a starting salary of between 50k to 75k, depending on your negotiation skills, mastery of arts, and technique among others; but art directors can make up to 100k in their first year. Another option is trying to make it as a freelancer, which has advantages and inconveniences: you can work, and make, as much as you want but there is no job security, no benefits, and potentially no gigs if your skills are not polished enough.

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How Much Money Do Drawing Artists Make?

Most successful artists nowadays make a pretty good living off their art because of internet opportunities. Now back in the old days, it was hard because of the lack of opportunities there was, which made everything harder. In 2011 the bureau of labor statistics said that most successful artists made more than $90,050 per year but the average for artists was somewhere around $19,150 to $53,400 per year.

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Can Drawing Be a Career?

Drawing is a skill used in the profession of an artist, they also use a variety of other skills as well. You can use the drawing skill in professions like architecture, education, and design which are all good ways to develop your skills more too.

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How Can an Artist Make a Lot of Money?

It’s always smart to prepare your self if you’re going into the artist career space and try to take on as many opportunities as you can. You can take an internship, teach the subject or the skill, reduce living expenses, and your lifestyle expenses in order to save as much money as you can. Most successful artists network with other artists, creative individuals and they create a budget for their art as far as the cost. Having a website or social profile of some kind is almost crucial for an artist to have in order to sell their art.

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Can You Make a Living Being an Artist?

Most that are making a living by being an artist or using their artistic skill in a creative way is likely working very hard because making amazing is art is hard especially if you want to make a living at it. Having an edge is important because art is very competitive, so make sure you have a very good creative process that can give you that edge.

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