can you manifest powers

Can You Manifest Powers?

There are many amazing powers that our human bodies are capable of and it is possible to manifest to help make them a reality.

The manifestation of superpowers is just a matter of time. Already there are people that can survive freezing cold temperatures by mastering their bodies while channeling the energy in a certain way. Flying like superman is likely a step beyond our current capabilities, however, there are many amazing powers that our human bodies are capable of and it is possible to manifest to help make them a reality.

Everything is Energy

We need to remember that everything is energy. The energy around us, inside us, and in other people. By mastering our energies we are able to harness our powers within ourselves and have complete command over them.

The more energy you have the greater power you will have over your physical being and the universe around you. Mastering your energies and channeling it in the right direction, which is by making yourself better than you were yesterday can help you in unlocking your superpowers within.

Visualizing Your Superpowers

There is a process to manifesting anything from the powers of the universe that starts with visualization.

Visualizing your superpowers is a simple, straightforward process. Let’s walk you through the steps:

1) What is the superpower you’d like to manifest? You can’t visualize it if you don’t know what it is.

2) Find a quiet place to sit, like your room or a park bench. It’s best if you can be in this quiet place for at least 20 minutes.

3) Think about the superpower you have. Think about how you feel when you use it, and how others feel when you use it. Visualize yourself using that power on something—a force of evil, a group of people who need help, or a personal challenge. Imagine how the power works, and what it will look like when it’s in action.

4) To get the most out of this exercise, repeat steps 3-5 at least once daily until the day your superpower is needed by the world.

Feeling Like you Already Have What you Want

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The reason visualization works so well is because it tricks you into thinking that something has already happened. When you visualize something, you’re using all of the same parts of your brain that you would if it were real—and that means that after visualizing something, your brain will work on making it happen.

The law of attraction works by attracting like to like. You have to feel like you already have what it is you are trying to manifest. The emotion is the energy that attracts and so it’s vital you FEEL the emotions as if you actually had the power.

Start With Achievable Goals

Starting out with wanting the superpowers of a superhero may not be the way forward. You are likely to get disappointed and give up.

Here are some examples of powers that you can start with that are possible to manifest:

  • Confidence when public speaking
  • Healthy body
  • Healthy mind
  • Amazing strength
  • Sensing energy
  • Run long distances
  • Withstand extreme cold
  • Heal yourself

We already know the human body is capable of amazing extremes but understand that if you desire to excel in a particular area, as well as manifest, you will still have to do the work. The setting of intention will help lead you down the path of wanting to work on the ultimate goal.

Focus on your Dreams and Desires

You’ve always had superpowers.

Maybe you’ve known this since you were a kid, or maybe you’re just learning it now. But it’s true: you have the ability to conjure the reality of your dreams and desires.

The trick is that your superpowers are like an iceberg. Most of them are below the surface—they’re subconscious, and they work behind the scenes to create your life experiences. If you want to see more evidence of your superpowers, all you have to do is look.

As you make this a daily routine, you’ll begin to notice more evidence of them in your life. When you believe that it’s possible to manifest, you’ll begin to see how it all works.

A Word of Caution

Your superpower is out there, waiting for you to claim it. You just have to be sensible about how you go about developing the ability to see in the dark, swim under ice, or hold your breath for 7 minutes.

Pushing your body to extremes can be dangerous particularly when you are starving your body of oxygen. Without proper supervision, people have died while attempting to swim under ice while emulating figures like Wim Hof.

Always consider the risks you are taking when pushing yourself beyond human limits.

In Summary

I believe we are all capable of manifesting our own superpowers. Our individual superpowers are not always apparent at first glance. We might underestimate just how much we have to offer, or what we’re capable of achieving.

If you’re struggling to find your superpowers, remember this: they’ve always been inside of you, and they are there for a reason. Your unique combination of skills and attributes will help you conquer any obstacles life throws in your way—and more than that, they’ll give you the opportunity to make an incredible impact on the lives around you.