How to Know Your Manifestation is About to Happen

How to Know Your Manifestation is About to Happen?

Many people on this planet have at least one goal set for themselves regarding their health, finances, love life, etc. A part of us seeks to do better and have more.

However, the process of that ideal destination is a road full of unpredictable situations, obstacles, blessings, and delays. In the preservation of your inspiration and will, it is important to stay focused on the desired outcome.

Some signs and indications will guide you in how to know your manifestation is about to happen.

When Is It the Right Time to Get Realistic When Manifesting?

Has someone ever told you to be realistic when expressing your desires, wants, and dreams? We all grow up in some kind of box that places societal or cultural stipulations on our development. For instance, some people were raised into believing that the only job they would ever be able to have would entail working under someone else.

These concepts impede on people’s self-esteem, self-efficacy, and confidence over some time. So, they become discouraged easily, or they don’t try at all. If you want better for your life, you must be honest with yourself. A lot of people say that they want something but subconsciously are not ready to receive their manifestations and blessings.

For example, you may still feel as though you do not deserve what it is you are asking for. Subsequently, you limit yourself and remain confined in that box. Once you have decided that you are ready for what you want, your actions will match that manifestation so that it can materialize.

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What Can You Expect From Time and Its Relationship to Manifestation?

People tend to rush the process as we live in a very technological era of fast food delivery and instant messaging. Although time may be a construct, there is still a portion of our lives where what we want has not materialized before us. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t coming or that it doesn’t exist. It simply means that whatever you want is under construction. When a caterpillar goes into its cocoon, it is still very much alive although you can’t see it. It is when it breaks out of the cocoon that we see its transformation.

Do You Have the Time to Build and Manifest?

If one of your goals is to have ripped abs, then you must understand that there is a process. Our physical bodies are a truly unique vessel. Therefore, we can’t approach situations like these with the expectations of receiving a fast result as if we were to put in our order at your favorite fast-food chain.

These matters are investments we make in ourselves which have great payoffs. So, don’t ignore the signs while you’re en route to your destination. Physical, mental, and emotional side effects may present themselves and show you that your manifestations are about to happen. Perhaps you don’t physically see a change with your body the first week. Pay attention to how your body feels and performs. Exercises could be becoming much easier than they were before. Body aches could be diminishing. You can now lift something you weren’t able to in years. Or, you simply feel lighter. These are all indicators that will tell you that your desire is being manifested.

Do You Believe in the Power That the Mind Holds?

The power of the mind is an amazing thing as we have the ability to co-create our realities with the universe. You don’t have to see it in order to believe it. Knowing and standing in conviction with whatever you want will help you to manifest further. Once you remain in that energy with concentrated effort, you will receive signs from the universe, showing you that you are not too far from manifesting. Some signs include:

Stepping Stones

Life may put specific people, events, or situations in your life to align you with opportunities. These opportunities will help you get closer to your goal. However, you must take the chance despite the worry.  Manifesting is about taking the leap of faith and trusting that the universe will catch you. When your manifestation is on the way, you will see opportunities and blessings seemingly come out of thin air.


Synchronicities channel through in many ways. You could be seeing a sequence of numbers all the time. You could overhear a conversation a stranger is having that correlates to your situation. Lyrics from a song might even tell your story. So, keep your ears and eyes open.

You Will Be Tested

Some people say that it always gets harder right before the breakthrough. It is usually when a person is on their last leg that things seem to get sporadically worse. Nothing seems to be going right. Progress seems void. The vision is lost and even faith comes into question. This is a test to see if you will waver in the presence of adversity. Things don’t always look or feel how we expect them to. It is just as important to base your consistency in your faith and not on the results alone.

Gut Feeling

Our intuition is vital. It’s what allows us to make some critical judgment calls regarding our well-being and the well-being of others. Again, there may be times where progress appears to be stagnant or void. However, your intuition and gut feeling could be telling you otherwise. Listen to what your intuition is telling you and you’ll see that success isn’t as far away as you thought it was.

Have You Ever Followed Your Intuition Towards What You Want?

There is a story of a man who had a gold fever and believed there was gold on the land he was digging. He dug and dug for years, anticipating to strike the jackpot. As years passed, he questioned the very existence of this gold and felt as though he had been wasting his time. So, he put his shovel down and decided that enough was enough. Sometime later, another man came along and picked up the shovel. He began to dig. To his surprise, just three feet under, he struck the gold. That feeling of discouragement itself can tell you that your manifestation is about to happen. As stated previously, there is always that final storm. Never give up despite how the odds may look because your jackpot may just be a few feet, days, or weeks away.

Can You Think of More Ways to Manifest?

There are many ways on how to know your manifestation is about to happen as described in this post, so don’t forget to read carefully so you can get the full spectrum. As with all things related to manifestation it all most always heavily relies on you, because you are the key to your manifestation. Tell us have you experienced any signs? What are your thoughts on manifestations? 

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