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How To Manifest Someone To Contact You: 8 Proven Methods

Is there someone you wish could contact you, but they just aren’t? Do you always jump in earnest every time your phone beeps, hoping that it is that person? Well, guess what? There is something you can actually do to see to it that this person does contact you.

This article aims to teach you how to manifest someone to contact you. Stick around, and we’ll share the secret with you.

What is a Manifestation?

Manifestation is your word of the day today because it is the solution to your problem. By manifesting, you imagine what you want in your mind and actively or passively work towards achieving it.

When you want something so much, you apply what we call the Law of Attraction to bring it to you. Here, the universe conspires with your mind to determine what is it you want, how badly you want it, and if it is worth having. If the conditions allow it, the universe will make it happen for you.

The law of attraction applies to everybody, and it matters not which God you believe in or how old you are. Before we continue, it is important that you acknowledge just how powerful your thoughts are.

The Power of Thoughts

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If you keep entertaining negative thoughts, you create negative vibrational energy around you. The same is true for positive thoughts. The more positive your thoughts are, the more positive are the vibrations around you. Really, the universe gives you what you ask for.

For instance, if someone you used to talk to starts ignoring you, it is possible that it is a result of bad vibes around the both of you. Maybe it was you, or him or both of you.

If it is a person that you are interested in and they keep throwing you off, it is probably because you seem desperate and needy, which may also come off with negative vibes.

Now, let us get to the juicy part, shall we? Let us show you how to manifest someone to contact you in the following easy and intricate steps.


Align Your Chakras

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In simple words, this means being acutely aware of your whole being. Your chakras are aligned when your physical, mental, and spiritual are in perfect sync. How can you achieve this? You may ask.

Well, the easiest known ways of attaining this balance are yoga and meditation. You have to clear your mind and let your being align into one, where you physical, mental, and spiritual can listen to each other.

The most important aspect of these processes is the breathing techniques where you take deep inhales and long exhales. In yoga, this breathing technique is called pranayama. Once you master it, you will be able to create a calming effect that will create divine awareness.

This step is important because it unites the brain and the body in preparation for your manifestation. At its core, a manifestation is all about your entire being, being in agreement so that you can experience the desires of your heart in a physical reality.

Certainty is Key

Once you are starkly aware of your being and your mind is in a good state to assess the situation, vet yourself. Examine yourself to be sure that there is not a bean of doubt that you want this person to contact you.

Really, ask yourself questions. Some of the questions you could ask yourself include:

  • Why do I want this person to contact me?
  • How is it important to me that they contact me?
  • What difference would it make in my life if they do not?
  • Will the value of my life become better if they contact me?
  • How does it feel to manifest this?

The nature of the questions will, of course, vary according to the specific scenario, but these are the general questions you should go by. Questioning yourself connects you with your intention of manifesting this person and strengthens your belief that it will happen.

Once you have determined that your intentions are pure and healthy, you can proceed to the next step.

Unblock Yourself

In the same way that we are faced with barriers in life, manifestation blocks are a real thing. These blocks may deter you from progressing in your manifestation process.

Most of the time, these blocks are in our minds, in the form of a negative mindset. Remember what we said about our thoughts being super-powerful? We also said that we respond to what we believe in.

Negativity will prevent good things from happening to you. Manifesting a person to contact you in this type of mindset will be extremely difficult. Therefore, you should have a major paradigm shift where you start adopting a more positive view.

A negative mindset is characterized by the following limiting beliefs:

  • I am not good enough.
  • I don’t deserve it.
  • Nobody loves me.
  • This is too difficult.
  • They do not care about me.
  • I am not capable of managing the relationship.

If you tend to have any of these thoughts, you will need to change your mindset. Note that it does not help when you surround yourself with toxic people that always criticize you. This is because you will sooner believe the negative things that they say about you.

Therefore, purpose to take time and practice self-care, where you identify each of the blocks that would slow down your manifestation process and work on eliminating them one after the other.

Self-Affirmations – Recite Them

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Always keep in mind that you are your first and most important cheerleader. You are in the best position to motivate yourself and build your confidence. This is because your thoughts and what you think about yourself matter a great deal.

Create positivity around you by thinking and saying good things about yourself. One of the most effective of making this happen is by reciting affirmations to yourself. These are statements, phrases, and words that really boost your self-image.

Affirmations shoo away bad energy and replace it with good vibes. Some of the affirmations you can recite to raise your spirits include:

  • I am good enough.
  • I deserve to be loved.
  • I want to attract people who will love and care about me.
  • I gratefully give love and receive it every day.
  • I trust that the universe is on my side.
  • I am intelligent, beautiful, with a good sense of humor.
  • My relationships are healthy and filled with positive experiences.

Recite these affirmations as often as possible for the best results.

Embody the Person You Desire to Be

Once you have taken care of the manifestation blocks, or are a work in progress, work on being the person that deserves what they desire. Start living out the new person you are becoming, especially without the limiting beliefs that you had about yourself.

For that someone to contact you, you’ve got to believe, think, act, and feel like someone that deserves to be contacted by that special person. You should no longer be needing them to contact you. They should contact you because you deserve it.

If you do not feel like that yet, it is fine. Give it time. It is important that you do not rush the process.

Visualize and Own Your Manifestation

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Visualizing with intention is a powerful technique to bring the conscious and the unconscious into sync about the desires of our hearts.

 It is the same way an artist will visualize a painting before he sets off to work on it. Leonardo da Vinci must have vividly visualized the ‘Last Supper before he transformed it into a physical reality.

In the same way, you should play out your manifestation in your head exactly as you would want it to pan out. Visualize this person contacting you.

Think about what they would say. Picture the time and day. Visualize your reactions. Make it so real that your mind will be tricked into believing that it is actually happening.

To do this effectively, choose a private spot that is devoid of distractions. This could be your room or somewhere that many people do not usually go. Then, play out the whole scenario in your head. You could even add some conversation to make it look more real.

Add as many details as possible. Make it so believable that it will be as if the person is right there with you, or that you can see their text message or hear their voice if it is a call.

Pour your feelings and concentration into the visualization. Once you do this step successfully, better believe that it won’t be long before the universe answers you.

Patience, Patience.

By this point, the bulk of the work is done. As a matter of fact, you have played your part to completion. Now all you are required to do is wait upon the universe.

Just relax, believing that sooner or later, your desires will be fulfilled. Do not worry yourself to death. Do not stop living your life waiting for this person to contact you. If they are going to, best-believe that they will.

Worrying will only invite negative vibrations, and in the process, undo all the hard work that you have been doing. In any case, here are some tell-tale signs that may suggest that your manifestation is about to become a reality:

  • You are excited more than usual for no particular reason.
  • When someone mentions your desires randomly, it could be on the radio, or you could overhear a stranger talking about a similar situation.
  • When you start seeing a pattern with the numbers you are encountering. This has always been considered a sign of good luck.

Remember that having positive vibrations is the key.

Adopt the Attitude of Gratitude.

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The attitude of gratitude is paramount when it comes to manifestation. Always be thankful when the universe materializes the desires of your heart.

Tapping into gratitude builds on the positive vibrations and prepares you for another successful manifestation. It is more or less like receiving a gift on your birthday. If you show gratitude, the person who has gifted you will feel motivated to gift you again on your next birthday.

Therefore, do not forget to thank the universe when that person finally contacts you.

Final Thoughts

At this point, we hope that you know how to manifest someone to contact you. Follow the steps provided religiously, and you will have a very high chance of your desire being fulfilled. All the best!