How to Start a Manifestation Journal

How to Start a Manifestation Journal?

Based on the law of attraction, you can manifest the life you aspire for if you put your energy, your vibration, and your thoughts towards your goals. In manifesting your goals to become a reality, it helps to start a manifestation journal.

Having a journal with you, helps you to be more driven by going after your goals, and eventually manifesting the life you want for yourself. Furthermore, writing down the goals that you want to manifest sticks with you more rather than typing it down or drawing it.

It’s for this reason that this type of journaling tends to be effective. With this being said, the following are ways on how to start a manifestation journal.

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How to Choose the Right Journal?

In starting a manifestation journal, the first step is choosing the right journal for you. You should definitely choose a journal that’s going to motivate you to write in it consistently every day, and be inspired by the things you write.

Whether it’s a creative journal or simply something to remind you of your goals, you need a journal that fits and complements you perfectly. Furthermore, it helps to have an inspirational quote at the cover, if you think that’s what’s going to motivate you to be consistent in your journal.

By choosing the perfect journal for you, you’ll be confident in writing down your manifestations and actually believing in them.

Have You Ever Tried Manifesting With a Journal?

There are different kinds of journals to choose from with manifestation. We’ve listed a few

Gratitude Journal

In writing down your manifestations, it’s also a great idea to leave room for gratitude. Basically, you’d be writing down the things you’re grateful for within the day, or week- whichever time frame you prefer. Reminding yourself of the things you’re grateful for increases your energy and vibration, which plays a huge factor in manifesting the life you want.

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Affirmations Journal

Writing down positive affirmations is a helpful way to remind yourself about your best traits and your strengths. It can be so easy to dwell on the negativity, especially in our thoughts, and that can easily affect in manifesting your goals.

By writing down affirmations in your journal, you’d be countering the negativity and focus on everything you already have and everything you are. Negative thoughts can easily affect our vibration, which is why affirmations are a great way to maintain your high vibration in manifesting your desires.

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Visual Board Journal

This is more creative and engaging, rather than the two that were listed above. You can print out pictures or cut out pictures from a magazine in doing your visual board. Basically, you can be as creative as you can be with your vision board. It should have pictures that represent every aspect of the life you dream about, whether it’s a career, relationships, family, or another aspect.

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How to Be Specific With Your Goals

In writing down on your journal, you can’t use vague phrases such as ‘I want to be happy’ or ‘I want to be successful.’ you need to be specific in each aspect of your life. For instance, you want to be married by 25 years old with a beach wedding, that’s the kind of specific goal you should definitely list down. In writing down your goals, you need to have clarity and precision and know exactly what it is you want.

You can’t be indecisive with your goals, because how are you going to manifest something when you’re not even sure what you want? Visualize the kind of life that makes you proud to have, and write it down- in as much detail as possible. Remember, specifics are important.

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Why It’s Important to Integrate Passion and Determination?

In writing down what your goals are, you need to have passion and determination. Of course, how do you expect to manifest your desires if you don’t have the drive to go after them? Manifestation doesn’t stop at writing down and deciding what you want, but it’s the determination in making your goals into a reality that makes manifestation work.

Manifesting your desires isn’t a form of magic, but through your persistence in having that kind of life, your actions will follow what you’ve written and declared out into the world.

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Why You Should Make It Consistent

You can’t just write down once a week, and expect to manifest the kind of life you want- it doesn’t work that way. You need to be consistent in writing down on your journal, and the more you write down your goals, the more you’ll be driven to go after it.

Being consistent plays a huge part in making your goals into reality, and your subconscious will naturally want to go after it even when you aren’t aware of it yourself.

This is similar to writing down affirmations.

The more you write down positive things, the more you believe in them yourself, right?

The same goes for writing down what you aspire to manifest. The more you write them down, the more you’ll be driven into going after those goals and dreams of yours.

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Why Its Good to Take Time to Reflect?

Once you’ve been writing down on your journal for quite some time now, it’s time to reflect and look back on the progress you’ve made so far. Of course, manifestation doesn’t just happen overnight, but it’s also a good time to reflect on your own personal growth, and if you’ve made certain actions to actively achieve your goals and dreams. If there are, it’s best to list these down- to further motivate you along the line.

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Do You Have a Manifestation Journal That You Write in?

As we end, has this article made you gain a clear vision of how to start a manifestation journal? In writing down on this journal of yours, remember it’s always important to maintain optimal energy so that you can turn your goals into your reality.

To help you even more, here are some questions you can ponder on to help you with your journal. What are my goals and what are the intentions behind them? What can I do to actively bring me closer to achieving my goals? What’s your time frame in achieving your personal set of goals? Why do you believe you’re going to get the life you aspire for?

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