Signs That Your Manifestation is Coming

Signs That Your Manifestation is Coming! Discover Creative Power

Manifestation is the physically tangible product of an energetically-informatively enriched idea. Watching out for signs that your manifestation is coming is also part of the process as well. Above all, the word manifestation is today a popular buzzword, and yet hardly any human being consciously manifests the things he or she longs for.

At the same time, he unconsciously manifests uncommonly many things that he actually does not want to have. So today, let’s take a closer look at Signs that your manifestation is coming and how you can overcome the obstacles of manifestation and purposefully manifest the things you want.

Signs That Your Manifestation is Coming! Discover Creative Power (resized)

What Is Manifestation?

Let us first approach the term as down to earth as possible, and at first define it in a purely secular way: what does manifestation mean in the classical sense? In the net we find immediately:

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“Manifestation refers to the visualization or self-disclosure of things of all kinds that were previously invisible or formless or nonexistent.”

Do You Believe in Manifestation?

That’s fine too. But the question with this definition is: if something was not visible before, where does it come from? Nothing comes out of nowhere in the universe. It only comes from places that are not physically tangible. You would not have encountered heart-hikers unless you were ready for the fact that not everything had to physically exist to exist.

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Even the concept of the word idea implies that something can be non-physical, yet existent. No one can deny that ideas exist – and that they can be immensely powerful. They can even become so powerful that they literally manifest themselves in this world, that is, they can be experienced with the physical senses.

The Obstacles of a Conscious Manifestation of Man

First of all, it is important to know what you really want from life. That may sound trivial, but it’s not that easy for many people to feel. But right here is the sticking point: many people try to determine what they like through their brains.

Do you recognize the contradiction in this sentence? What you like is not necessarily what you think you like. What you need is not necessarily what you want.

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Your mind has no business here again. Of course, you can ask yourself a worldly question and with the mind examine the possibilities, how you get there and what you have to do for it. But here is the next point that may be the source of disbelief: you do not have to do a job in life to get what you want.

Of course, you may go through a process, let time pass, or even do a veritable force-act until you have achieved what you want. But it is a pure belief to think that it would be the only way.

The Fallacy of Non-Manifesting

So far, you may say to yourself: then I have never learned to manifest. But that’s not true. Nobody can “not manifest”. Manifestation is an automated process built into us. We manifest with every thought, every emotion, and every word – and we can not do anything about it.

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Did You Ever Try to Get Into Spirituality?

Are you afraid that someone will steal your purse? If the fear of it is strong enough, that will happen. Do you see your life as a burden, your body, or a colleague as something to fight against? Then you will get everything exactly like that.

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What is that then, faulty manifestation? Not at all. It is physically the same sort of manifestation as any other. But it happens unconsciously. You are constantly manifesting, changing yourself and your reality every second.

So if you do not have to learn to manifest, then what is to be done? Do you have to learn to believe? To trust? We have already discussed in the contribution to the expansion of consciousness that this is also not necessary.

No one can believe that anything is true, even for a single moment. So if you say you have some doubt, what do you actually say? Doubt is not the absence of trust. Doubt means 100% confidence in something that is not helpful to you. Identify what does not serve you and work out what you really want.

How Can You Consciously Manifest Things?

The question is really exciting: how can you consciously manifest that into a life that you prefer? First of all, let me say: it is not a task of the mind, nor is it connected with physical effort. Nor is it related to the sort of mental effort that you may be used to. It requires a conscious and bi-directional empathic relationship with oneself.

Did You Ever Think What Do I Need to Do to Achieve What I Want?

For a direct, i.e. conscious manifestation of your desires, it is first of all important to calm your thoughts and to be able to mentally and emotionally focus only on the things that make you the one you prefer. 

If you know that, the following steps are necessary:

Vision: Imagine the idea, the image, the desire. What is representative of your vision? Keep them in mind, and preferably as a part of you.

Example: I am wealthy.

Desire: Experience the emotion (we remember: Emotion = Energy in Motion) consciously in the mind. How does the desire for you, which goes hand in hand with the idea, feel like? Feel the anticipation consciously!

Example: I feel relieved, timeless, satisfied. (But do not just say it in the wording, it’s about the conscious Er-life of emotion, I’m just writing down the words to make clearer what’s meant.)

Believe: Trust that the desire for your vision may have great relevance in the universe.

Example: I firmly believe that I achieve an effect on my reality if I consciously feel my desire.

Acceptance: Accept that your new faith is valid not only in the universe but also for you – because there is no difference between the two. However, humans like to draw a very big line between both. You may allow yourself to fulfill your wish, your past, foreign/accepted beliefs, or other influences have no power over you that you do not give them.

Example: I am worth experiencing myself the way I want it.

Intention: Make specific plans that you will manifest itself. The conscious command. The will, the focus, the command, the enter key, the mouse-click.

Example: My will be done.

Behavior: Behave as if your wish had already come true. Your mind likes to hold you in the old because he can control what he knows, but not the new. In doing so, however, you purposefully maintain your previous reality (that too is manifestation). However, now that you allow your mind to get used to something new, you outsmart your mind and serve yourself and your heart with it. That grounds your vision.

Danger: DO NOT construct the process HOW something should manifest. With your leave, you can not. Our human mind, the entire Simple Self is not designed to develop the energetic-informative process of manifestation, we can only send orders and unpack the package. Everything else is the old thinking outside the river. Turn to the new and behave in this sixth step just as if the package was already there.

Example: I live relaxed because I know what future awaits me (but TU really!)

Allow: Get rid of the idea completely. This may confuse you, but that does not matter 🙂 In the Universe, every sort of flowing energy is about the flow between two poles. If you want to keep the circuit constantly influenced, it never ends. Let go. Perfect. The result will come, you know that. The result can be even bigger than your mind is currently picturing it.

Example: I completely dissociate myself from the result of my manifestation.

The Process of Manifestation Coming Soon

In short: I want to …, at the thought of it, I feel …, I firmly believe in my effect for the universe and allow myself to reap the fruits. This idea will manifest itself herewith. I behave differently according to their quality. I am open to the result of my manifestation and now devote myself entirely to other things.

Do You Think That Manifestation is a Process?

Once you realize how powerful your power of thought is, an ecstatic state will set in you. Not in the sense of a sudden DMT experience, but in the sense of a subliminal certainty that you alone always have full control over you and your reality.

Various Tools for Manifestation

If only I could say one sentence to you, it would be: You create your reality. A mirror does not smile back first; so do not expect your reality to support you – support your reality. As? Just as you prefer: does physical or mental work make you fun? Do you like to experience a process? Do you like to experience the emergence of an idea and enjoy the way there? Then live accordingly.

Have You Ever Experience Any Weird Moments Were Things You Thought About Manifest?

But maybe you have come to realize that experiencing processes cannot give you anything exciting anymore? Then switch to the reality you prefer – through conscious manifestation. Both ways of manifesting are equally valuable. The reality will always reflect what you know about you. You are omnipotent. Manifest. Be your creator. It’s easy, please do not make it difficult, because you will see Signs that your manifestation is coming. I wish you a lot of fun.

Did You Learn Anything From These Manifesting Signs?

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