how to manifest love

How to Manifest Love

The love story is a tale as old as time. The kind of romantic, Hollywood-style, happily ever after that you and I both want for ourselves. It’s not always easy to get there (in fact, it usually takes hard work) but when we do find the one who becomes our partner in life and lover in bed, it can feel like anything is possible. One way to make sure you’re on the right track with your new beau or bae is by manifesting love. In this article we explore how to manifest love.

Some things to consider when you’re trying to manifest love.

1. Manifesting with love may be the quickest way to get what you want

2. Visualization is one of the most powerful manifestation tools for love

3. Get clear on what it is you want, and imagine yourself having it

4. Focus on your feelings while doing this – if you feel happy, then that’s a good sign!

5. Affirmations are another great tool for manifesting things in your life

6. Create a vision board or collage of all the things you desire in life

7. Think very carefully before you try and manifest someone who is in a relationship.

love visualization

How long does it take to manifest love?

It is hard to tell exactly how long love will take as there are so many factors that are involved. To manifest love on your own, it can take a lot of time and effort but the end result will be worth it. Some people find love almost right away while for others love takes longer. It’s not uncommon to have love show up years after you first started your love manifestation journey. Remember, love is all about timing and just like anything else that is worth having in our lives love requires work and patience.

What manifestation tools work well when manifesting love?

Visualization is one of the most powerful manifestation tools. Think about love, and feel love as you create your vision board or collage of love. This will help put love on a physical level (instead of just an abstract thought) and will also allow love to enter your mind more often when you do this.

An affirmation will keep love on your mind even more often. Affirmations will allow love to enter your life on a regular basis and let love in. By repeating love affirmations, love will find you and keep finding you until love shows up right where love is supposed to be, basically love finds you!

If putting pictures of love on our walls doesn’t work for you then love music can speak love to you on a daily basis. Music, movies, books and love blogs are also other ways to stay connected with love and manifest love.

This may sound out of place for love but love magazines can help inspire the love that you are looking for. By reading love magazines (though not necessarily about love) you increase love in your life. love magazines will inspire love and love related topics allowing love to show up more often in regard to love magazines.

Just as a note love manifesting is like all other manifestation methods, it takes practice and patience. Some days things will be better than others but if you stick with love then love will find you!

Be clear on what love you want to manifest

Often love is a very broad topic and sometimes love manifests in ways that we are not even thinking about. Love can also manifest differently for everyone as love reflects the person’s way of life, beliefs, personality and their desires.

Sometimes love may come across a person in the form of love for a material object. love may seem to come into our life through love relationships or love regarding love itself. love can manifest as love for children and grandchildren, love for pets etc.. love gets lots of different faces but so does your relationship with love!

Many people are clear on what kind of partner they want but they are not clear on what love actually means to love them. You can love – love someone just by loving that person every day and doing little things for love. Love touches us in so many ways, love is there even when we don’t realize it and love being with somebody doesn’t necessarily mean that their love is love for you.

Affirmations to help you manifest love

  • I love and love myself completely.
  • I love love and I love every aspect of love.
  • My life is full of love in every possible way.
  • Every day, in every way, love grows stronger in my life.
  • love is flowing easily into my life now.
  • Love is all around me now and there is plenty for everyone.
  • My love relationships are harmonious and loving.
  • love flows through my relationships with ease.
  • love is in perfect balance in my relationships.
  • I love and trust love completely.

How to create a vision board to help you manifest love

Choose pictures that love speaks love to you, including images of couples in love, family portraits, pictures of the home or place where you would like to live with love etc.. You can also enhance your love vision board with love music, love smell or love taste. Love is not love without love so include love as part of your board and then you will be able to love from the heart!

Make your vision board special by hand writing love affirmations that speak to the type of relationship you want with love. Let the words flow through you and put love and love into your love board!

Final thought

When you want to manifest love, it can be a broad topic and sometimes manifests in ways that we are not even thinking about. Love is all around us but for some people it’s less obvious than others.

Sometimes the manifestation of love will come across someone as love for material objects such as family portraits or pictures of where they would like to live with their partner etc.. Other times, love may seem to show up through relationships or when considering what makes them happy in life.

The key is being clear on what type of relationship you want with your loved one so that this person knows how to make you feel the most special! Visual aids often help us get our thoughts out there more clearly which is why making a vision board might do wonders for you.

As well as manifesting love you can use the law of attraction to nurture friendship with a specific person.