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The Best Manifestation Methods For Love

Isn’t it lovely to be in love with someone and have them love you back just the same? Of course, it is! You have probably had a discouraging experience(s) with love, and you want to finally get it right. In this article, we will highlight the best manifestation methods for love that will help you get there.

As opposed to what people may think, manifestation is a very simple and practical concept. It entails believing that something you want to happen will happen and putting in the work to realize that desire of your heart.


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Love is a beautiful thing. It is one of those emotions that give profound meaning to life. It keeps us going and motivates us to face hurdles that life throws at us. On top of being beautiful, love is essential for our well-being. Did you know that an infant could die from the deficiency of love in particular physical affection? That is how important it is for us to feel love.

When you look around you, you will notice that there is love all over. It could be from your pet dog or cat, siblings, friends, or parents. Most people, if not everybody, have at least one of those. Still, it gets to a certain point in life when we crave romantic love.

It could be someone from the opposite sex, or the same sex, depending on your orientation. Usually, we have an idea of the kind of person we want as a life partner. In other words, our tastes in men or women are unique to each one of us.

So how do you attract the kind of man or woman that you want to spend the rest of your life with? Simple, you apply the law of attraction. This law simply states that you get what you give. Let us delve deeper into it, shall we?


Human beings exude energy in the form of vibrations. These vibrations could be positive or negative, depending on the situation one is in. Our vibrations are picked up by the universe, which is responsible for granting us our manifestations.

When we possess positive vibrations, we tend to attract positive things. In the same manner, negative attracts negative. In other words, we tend to attract what we give off. That pretty much sums up the law of attraction.

If you want to attract the right man for yourself, you simply have to be the right woman for him. Always keep in mind that you can only attract what you are. If you want a prince, you have to think, act, walk and talk like a princess – get the picture?

With that out of the way, we can now get into the flesh of this article, the part that brought you here in the first place. So, what are the best manifestation methods for love? Stay put and find out!


It is simple to manifest love. The Following are methods that you can practice every day to manifest the kind of love that you desire.

Be Very Aware of Yourself.

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You should be acutely aware of yourself before you make the decision to manifest love. This type of awareness is achieved when your conscious and subconscious are in a perfect rhythm with each other. Essentially, it is the alignment of your whole being- the physical, the mental, the spiritual, and even the emotional.

These dimensions have to be in perfect sync before you can decide that you want to manifest true love. This is because in this state of total awareness, or Unagi as Ross from FRIENDS would call it; you are in a good position to assess your environment, both within and without.

How can you create self-awareness, you may ask. Well, out of the top of my head, meditation is the best way. Coming at a close second is yoga. Both yoga and meditation apply breathing techniques that cause a calming effect on your whole being.

During meditation, external thoughts that may be distractive are washed off your head, and you get to focus on yourself. In this state, your whole being becomes perfectly balanced. When you gain awareness, you gain clarity too.

So, ask yourself the following questions before you proceed:

  • Am I ready to receive love?
  • Do I want this love for the right reasons?
  • Why exactly do I want to manifest love?
  • Will it make my life much better than it is now?
  • Am I willing to become a person deserving of it?

The main purpose of answering these questions is to ascertain that for sure you want this love that you are manifesting.

Specificity is Paramount.

The universe will give you exactly what you ask for. So, you might just as well be as specific as possible. Do not be afraid to include even the most minute details, Miss or Mister. Include the color of the eyes if you have to!

You know why? Because what you want is not what I want when it comes to love. Your idea of it is unique to you. Therefore, you cannot afford to be vague about it. You can’t say that you want a ‘nice’ person because what does ‘nice’ mean to you?

Really, get into it: From the physical qualities to their beliefs to their favorite activities and maybe even their favorite TV show. Write it down and own it! To give a for instance of, say, a guy manifesting love with a girl, his specifics could be:

  • Average height – not less than 5’5 and not more than 5’8.
  • Atheist
  • Brown eyes.
  • Hair does not really matter.
  • Loves the outdoors.
  • Does not talk much.
  • Is into literature.
  • Watches Brooklyn 99.

See? With specificity of this kind, the universe will know exactly what to get you. Also, you will recognize them when you see them or interact with them.

Most importantly, you will be able to say no when it is not the right person, especially when you are lonely and the temptation to say yes is high.


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Once you are clear about the type of love and person you want, it does not stop there. Think it into existence. Act as if they are already there – I promise that it is not insane. Tricking your mind into believing that it is already happening is a massive step into actualizing your manifestation.

Think of what you would be saying to the person if they were seated next to you. What would you tell them in the morning? How about just before you go to bed? What movie would you be watching together?

You know what? Do not limit yourself. Go so far as to have a loud conversation with them, of course in the privacy of your room, in the shower, or in your car.

If that is too much for you, which is okay, then shoot them a nice long text, or write them a letter, or leave a voicemail. Heck! Write an e-mail if you have to.

Visualization is such a powerful manifestation tool. Once your mind believes that the thing you desire is already happening, it will be so much easier for you to achieve it. Whatever you do, you shouldn’t underestimate what visualization can do for you.

Squash the Limiting Thoughts!

Thoughts are powerful. They are the drivers behind getting you want and preventing you from getting what you want. Now, when it comes to finding true love, you might find yourself entertaining limiting beliefs about yourself.

These are just lame excuses that your mind creates when you are afraid or lack confidence in yourself. Sit down, take a breather and uncover all the thoughts and beliefs that would block your manifestation process.

These limiting beliefs cause negative vibrations around you, and do you remember what we said about the law of attraction? Negative vibes attract negative vibes. The universe will not give you positivity when you are exuding negativity.

So, if you have any of the following limiting beliefs, squash them one by one:

  • I am too old for love.
  • I am not attractive enough.
  • He or she is way above my league.
  • It is a lot of work.
  • They will not accept me.
  • I am not that interesting.

Yes, take a sledgehammer and smash them into pieces. While you are at it, do not be in a rush. Some processes may take longer than others.

Love Yourself First

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Take time to be your own love of your life. Treat yourself like royalty. Truly, take care of yourself and show yourself a good time.

All those things that make you happy, go ahead and do them for yourself. You know why? Because it would be so much easier for someone to love you correctly (by your own definition of ‘correctly’) when you do so yourself.

Besides, it is true what they say: you’ve got to love yourself before anyone else can. You can’t think lowly of yourself and expect to be treated like a princess or a prince. You have to act like one first.

Begin by practicing basic self-care: Get enough sleep, eat healthy and exercise your body frequently. Take yourself out on solo dates and go on trips. Go get that pedicure and get yourself nice clothes and shoes.

When they finally show up, they will find a prince/ a princess. They will know right away how to treat you. Remember that it is your responsibility to teach the world how you want to be treated.

Say it with me: positive vibrations attract positive vibrations. When you love yourself correctly, you attract positive vibes. The universe will hear you and bring you the perfect lover that will treat you just as good as you treat yourself.

Send Love into the World

Now that you are totally in love with yourself, you are in a good position to send out love to the people around you. In the spirit of ‘you get what you give,’ sending love into the world means that you will get love in return.

One way of sending love into the world is through metta-meditation. This is where you send out loving and kind intentions to the people around you. It may be difficult at first, giving away some of your energy. However, once you get the hang of it, you will feel good about it.

Think of it as gifting a friend, your sibling, your mom- it is exciting, right? Now, sending love should feel the exact same way.

You could also focus this love on the object of your romantic interest. Send them flowers, invite them for lunch, and engage with them in activities they like even. The catch here is that you should love freely, without the expectation of anything in return.

Your romantic interest should love you out of their own free will. If they are the right person, better believe that the universe will make it happen. Do not fret.

Put in The Work!

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While manifestations are made strong by your belief that the universe will grant you the desires of your heart, the chances are low that they will become a reality if you do not work for it. You cannot manifest love and just stay put and wait for it to happen.

When Leonardo Da Vinci conceived the idea of the Mona Lisa, he did not just wish the painting into existence. He got the right brushes, the perfect paints, the right size of canvas, and sat down to work.

Manifestation works in the exact same way. To get the person you want, you have to work towards that goal actively. On top of becoming the type of person that your manifested partner would love back, you have to increase the chances of you two meeting.

If the lover you want should like rock music, make a point of attending more rock concerts. If you want someone that is outgoing and adventurous, then get out more often.

 When you see them and recognize them, do not hesitate to go over and start a conversation. Who knows? It could be the beginning of a beautiful love story.

Rejection Is Only in Your Mind

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I know what you are thinking: ‘what if I get rejected?’. Well, that is a valid concern. However, the fear of rejection is just one of the limiting factors that may block the realization of your manifestation.

Think of it this way: rejection is the universe telling you that someone is not the right fit so that you still have the room for the right person. Instead of taking it as a blow in the face, take it as a message.

Admittedly, it is no easy task to handle rejection and maintain positive vibes. However, you are in a better position to go after what you really want when the fear of rejection does not cripple you. Always keep in mind that the universe has got your back- you just got to believe.

Relax and Let the Universe Do Its Part

You should have complete faith in the universe if your manifestation is to come true. Always remember that the universe is on your side. Whatever you asked for, provided your intentions are pure and your vibrations positive, the universe will give it to you.

You will have to exercise a whole lot of patience here. If lucky, it will not be long till your manifestation for love comes to be. Also, be prepared to wait for months, and maybe even years, before the right person is directed your way.

It is important that through this period, you do not lose hope and faith in your manifestation. Keep holding on to it, but not too much that it disrupts your normal life, no. Continue enjoying life to the fullest.

Remember to maintain positive vibes and to spread love as much as possible. Additionally, keep treating yourself the same way you would want your future boyfriend or girlfriend to treat you. Wear that crown with confidence and pride.

Do Not Underestimate the Power of Gratitude

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When you finally find your Prince Charming or your Princess, do not forget to say thank you to the universe. Gratitude is a positive attitude that attracts more positivity to you. For all it’s worth, the universe will be more motivated to grant more of your wishes.

Even so, you should not wait until your partner arrives so that you can show gratitude. You could start by being grateful for the love that you are already receiving from the people around you. You never know; the spirit of giving thanks may even attract the ideal partner to you.

Be thankful for all the little signs that the actualization of your manifestation for love is getting closer and closer. Gratitude is such a high-vibration emotion, and exercising it will hasten the process of our manifestations.


In this article, we have talked about the best manifestation methods for love that you can try. We hope you realize that manifesting love is not difficult. It is not that easy either, but with the right amount of effort and positive vibes, it is very likely to come true. We hope you find love soon!