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What crystals are good for manifestation?

Manifesting is one of the best ways you can transform your heart’s desires into reality.  There are different methods of manifesting; however, I believe crystals exude positive energy that can drastically shape our goals and desires using the law of attraction. If you are a beginner at manifesting, I’m sure you are wondering, “what crystals are good for manifestation?”.

The type of crystal that you should go for will depend on what you wish to manifest. Some of the best crystals you can use for manifestation include rose quartz, black obsidian, green aventurine, golden topaz, amethyst and green jade.

To understand the role that crystals play in manifestation, you must first have an idea about how manifestation with crystal works.


How do Crystals Work?

Manifestation is based on the law of attraction. Even if you are new to manifesting, every day you exude energy. This energy can either be positive or negative. The energy you will produce is mainly influenced by your mood. Positive energy helps you attract positive things and vice versa.

Essentially, if you give attention to something, be it good or bad, you are subconsciously attracting that exact thing. So, where do crystals come in? Crystals amplify your manifestation abilities. For example, if you are sad, it is hard for you to exude the positive energy that will help you attract the things you want to manifest.

Crystals help you overcome these emotional and energy blockers so that you can effectively align your Chakras, disperse negativity and intensify your intention. Regardless of what you want to manifest, from financial freedom, your love life to spiritual enlightenment, there is a crystal for you.

6 Of the Best Manifestation Crystals

1.      Rose Quartz


This is also known as the love stone or Stone of Unconditional Love. If love is what you seek, you cannot go wrong with Rose Quartz. This crystal is perfect not only for attracting love and romance, but it also protects your existing relationships. The rose quartz makes this possible by enabling you to align the energy required to make these manifestations.

With origins in parts of Asia, Africa, and South America, the rose quartz releases vibrations that energize the heart chakra. In turn, self-limiting beliefs that may be holding back your manifestation process are successfully wiped out.

The most important bit of this pink crystal is that it is a constant reminder that no matter what, the person that most deserves your love is yourself. It also enables you to spread love to those around you freely. Put this under your pillow when you go to sleep and experience a significant improvement in your love life.

2.      Black Obsidian

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Sometimes we hold on to down-putting self-beliefs that prevent us from manifesting the desires of our hearts. If this is happening to you, then it is about time you got yourself the black obsidian crystal. Also known as the manifestation stone, the crystal will help you get over your destructive behaviors and self-limiting beliefs.

Furthermore, it enables you to dissociate yourself from negative emotions like anger, panic, and anxiety. This black crystal with sharp edges provides energy for the root chakra, which is responsible for anchoring us.

In essence, the crystal enhances balance and will help you have a sharper focus as you manifest. It brings positive vibrations as it conducts spiritual energy from you to the earth. The good news is that this stone can be found all over the world.

Take this stone with you during meditation and let it help you get rid of negative vibrations. Get yourself one and watch as your manifestations become better and better.

3.      Green Aventurine

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If you are looking to get lucky in life or on a particular venture, this is the stone you must have. This green stone is known to change someone’s fate for the better; it is no wonder it is called the Stone of Opportunity.

This green crystal energizes the heart chakra to enable you to see and take advantage of opportunities around you. If you have been having a stream of bad luck of late- maybe your finances are not looking up, or you are not getting that promotion you have been applying for for months- then it is time to include the aventurine in your collection of crystals.

This stone brings about optimism which in turn makes you succeed when you take on a project. If all you want to do is win, the green aventurine is your secret weapon. Wear this crystal as a necklace or a bracelet and make it your lucky charm.

4.      Golden Topaz

The golden topaz is one of the most beautiful crystals you will ever see. You would be forgiven for thinking it is the crystal for manifesting beauty. However, it is not. This crystal amplifies your intentions and pushes you to put more faith in your energies and manifestations.

The Crystal of Potency, as it is also referred to, gives you extra confidence as you manifest. Additionally, it makes you believe that your manifestations will definitely materialize. This crystal energizes the sacral chakra and does particularly well with spiritual manifestations.

Commonly found in America, parts of Africa, and Asia, this crystal is perfect, especially when you need a boost with your confidence and faith in yourself. Wear it on your wrist or ankle as a constant reminder.

5.      Amethyst


These pristine purple crystals have something about them that creates an undeniable calming effect. Just looking at them brings your senses into aliveness. That would explain why they are the crystals for spiritual awareness, wisdom, and self-development.

Amethyst elevates spiritual consciousness and creativity. It also regulates the activities of your mind such that you are not having unsettling and wild thoughts. Furthermore, they enhance the purity of your body by preventing the entry of toxins.

If you are having a difficult time connecting with your spirituality, concentrating, finding clarity, or taming your panic or anxiety, then amethyst should be your best friend. This crystal is associated with the sacral and crown chakras.

The best way to use the amethyst crystal is to meditate with it and then manifest your desires. Take it in your hands during meditation and request the crystal to calm thoughts, improve your self-consciousness, increase your clarity and calm your anxieties.

6.      Green Jade

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The importance of financial freedom cannot be stated enough. It is what most of us would want. It is the reason some people work around the hour, and others have more than one job at a time. They want to create wealth while they can so they can enjoy financial freedom in due time.

If you need all the luck you can get in attaining wealth while simultaneously protecting your existing finances, then green jade is the crystal for you. Centered in the heart chakra, this stone gets rid of all the limiting beliefs that you may have of yourself regarding the acquisition of wealth.

Therefore, if you ever find yourself questioning whether you deserve to be rich, grab this crystal. It will assist you in attracting the required energy and the focus to earn more money. Put it in your wallet or purse so that it is the first thing you see when you open them. Also, if it is a carved green jade elephant crystal, see to it that the trunk is facing up as that is considered a symbol of prosperity.


Highlighted in this article are the 6 best crystals for manifestation. Each crystal helps with a particular kind of manifestation- it could be love, money, self-awareness, or even good luck. It is important to keep in mind that patience and confidence in yourself are the keys to positive manifestations. Do not forget to offer your thanks when your manifestations come to be.